Frequently Asked Questions

The PoppinPod

General FAQ

Just how soundproof is the PoppinPod?

The acoustic technology utilized in the PoppinPod has been tested to meet ISO 10534-2 acoustic standards, which measures sound absorption for the range of general human voice frequencies and ambient office noise. The average amount of noise that the PoppinPod phone booth office pod can absorb is 35 dB.

So what does that mean for you? Simply put, the PoppinPod is designed to keep the conversations inside completely private.

What does it sound like inside a PoppinPod?

The PoppinPod, by design, is not 100% soundproof. Users inside the phone booth will still hear muffled sounds from the outside, which keeps your conversations private while letting you stay aware of your environment.

Is the PoppinPod ventilated?

Absolutely! The PoppinPod fan achieves a comfortable, temperature-regulated air flow without compromising acoustic performance.

What is the amount of air flow inside the PoppinPod?

The maximum output of the ventilation fan is 52 liters/second for the Kolo 1 and 104 liters/second for the Kolo 2.

Are the fans loud?

The fans inside the office pod don’t create any additional, noticeable noise in the open office; they’re designed to create airflow and provide white noise without disrupting the soundproofing of the PoppinPod.

Is there a way to customize ventilation and lighting?

When you enter the PoppinPod, both the lights and fan will turn on automatically. The sensor is set to turn them off automatically after five minutes of no motion within the phone booth. The lighting is totally customizable: The lights can be dimmed, and the color temperature of the office pod can be adjusted from warm to cool white.

Does the PoppinPod have a right-handed or left-handed door? Can it be changed?

The default installation of the PoppinPod door is right-handed reverse (meaning the door swings outward), but if you would like to have a left-handed door, simply let your Project Manager know in advance.

Does the PoppinPod come with seating?

The PoppinPod Kolo 1 office pod can be purchased with a built-in stool.

You can also choose to outfit the PoppinPod Kolo 1 or Kolo 2 with a variety of Poppin furniture, all sold separately.

What is a PoppinPod decal?

A frosted PoppinPod decal offers partial visual privacy for your PoppinPod phone booth. When you order a PoppinPod with a decal, the decal will arrive in separate packaging and require additional installation services. A Poppin Project Manager will schedule the installation of both your PoppinPod and the decal.

Power + Connectivity

What kind of power outlets are in the PoppinPod?

Each PoppinPod office phone booth comes with 2 AC power outlets and 2 USB charging outlets.

How long is the PoppinPod's power cord?

The power cord measures 9.84 feet (300cm).

How does the PoppinPod connect to power?

The power cord is UL E88265 rated and can be plugged into a grounded 15A outlet.

What are the input and output values?

Input: 110 - 240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50 - 60 Hz

Output: DC 5V, 2.1A

Does WiFi and cellular work in the PoppinPod?

Sure does! The PoppinPod phone booth office pod will not block any wireless signals.

What is the power consumption of the PoppinPod Kolo 1 and Kolo 2?

The PoppinPod Kolo 1 pulls 22 watts and the PoppinPod Kolo 2 pulls 24 watts when the light is running at full brightness, plus the fan. Power consumption will increase depending on which other devices might be plugged into the A/C outlets inside the booth.

Delivery + Installation

How does White Glove assembly and installation work?

With our White Glove installation, a team of professional installers will arrive on a date arranged ahead of time to unpack, assemble, and place your new PoppinPod office pod exactly where you want it. They will also make sure everything is clean and remove all pallets, trash, and packaging.

How much does required White Glove delivery + installation cost?

The PoppinPod Kolo 1 has a standard flat White Glove installation fee of $500 and the PoppinPod Kolo 2 has a standard flat White Glove installation fee of $1,000. Standard flat fees will be automatically applied at checkout. Additional White Glove fees may apply for non-standard installations (e.g. stair carry, weekend or after-hours delivery).

I’ve placed my order! How should I prepare to receive my PoppinPod?

Poppin will reach out to you with some questions to determine if any unique preparation is needed—then we’ll take it from there. You’ll need to determine where you’d like the assembled PoppinPod, then provide a minimum of 12’x12’ of cleared space around it for assembly.

Our White Glove installation includes delivery, assembly, and clearing away the boxes and pallets.

How many boxes will the PoppinPod arrive in?

Both the PoppinPod Kolo 1 and Kolo 2 office pods arrive in one large outer carton on a pallet. After the outer carton is opened, it will reveal 8 inner boxes for the PoppinPod Kolo 1 and 16 inner boxes for the PoppinPod Kolo 2. Of course, our White Glove installers will unpack, install, and clear all the packaging from the office phone booths away.

What are the dimensions and weights of the cartons?

The dimension of the outer carton of the PoppinPod Kolo 1 is 91 inches (l) x 41.75 inches (w) x 32.75 inches (h) and the weight is 696 lbs.

The dimension of the outer carton of the PoppinPod Kolo 2 is 86 inches (l) x 51.25 (w) x 41 inches (h) and the weight is 1,214 lbs.

Please note: These dimensions/weights also exclude the weight of the pallet.

What if my building requires a COI?

Our Project Management team will provide COIs from our installers.

How long does it take to assemble the PoppinPod?

The assembly of the PoppinPod Kolo 1 office pod typically takes under two hours; the PoppinPod Kolo 2 office pod typically takes under three hours.

What if my phone booth needs to be repaired?

Please reach out to our customer service team at (888) 676-7746 with a description of the problem to get started on a solution.

I'm placing a will my delivery be scheduled?

You will be contacted within 1 business day of placing your order to answer some quick questions about your building and delivery. As soon as the pre-order items are available, we will reach back out to you to schedule installation.


What kind of glass is used in the door?

Tempered glass provides impact resistance and greater structural stability in the office pod. It’s designed with a mitigation film that holds the glass together in the case of impact, preventing it from shattering. Safety glass has also been found to have more sound-blocking qualities than standard glass.

What do I need to know about fire safety?

Requirements for fire suppression vary depending on your building’s fire codes; your Account Executive and Project Manager can assist with recommendations based on local regulations.

What do I need to know about earthquakes?

Seismic requirements vary depending on your city’s building codes; your Account Executive and Project Manager can help determine if you require the optional seismic kit for the PoppinPod office phone booth. Pricing and installation recommendations for the seismic anchoring brackets are available upon request.


How long is the PoppinPod warranty?

The PoppinPod Kolo 1 and Kolo 2 have a warranty of 5 years. The stool in the PoppinPod Kolo 1 with Stool has a 2 year warranty on the fabric, foam, and pneumatic gas lift cylinder.

Damages that include, but are not limited to, misuse, user-inflicted damage, liquid damage, mold or infestation, are not covered under this warranty.

What kind of certificates does the PoppinPod have?

PoppinPod meets ISO 5001 and 14001 requirements.

PoppinPod is built using UL and CE certified electrical components.

What is the PoppinPod return policy?
Free 120 Day Returns

Returns of PoppinPod products are accepted within 120 days of receipt free of charge, provided that the product is in new condition. To place a return within 120 days of receipt, please contact Poppin via email ( with your order number and details on the items you’d like to return. For more details on our PoppinPod Return Policy, please read below.

Please note:

  • If the product returned is no longer in new condition, the customer will be assessed a minimum 20% refurbishing charge that will be deducted from your refund.

  • Any White Glove delivery and installation fees are non-refundable.

  • All refunds for eligible returns will be processed within 10 business days of receipt.

Damages + Defects

Please inspect shipments for any visible carton damage and note that on the paperwork when signing for the delivery. Once assembled, inspect the product for any damage. If the product arrives damaged, contact us within 5 days to arrange an exchange at no cost to you.

Does cutting holes in the PoppinPod for sprinkler head installation void the return policy or warranty?

If holes for sprinkler head installation are cut in the PoppinPod, the PoppinPod is ineligible for return, although it will still be covered under the standard 5 year warranty.